200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified, Yoga Teacher Training in Goa
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Yoga Teacher Training in GOA

Goa TTC Dates
12 Nov. - 09 Dec. 2012
07 Jan .- 05 Feb. 2013
07Feb.- 06 March 2013

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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Rishikesh TTC Dates
21 Sep - 19 Oct 2012 (Full)
08 Oct - 04 Nov 2012 (Full)

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Yoga Teacher Training in Dharamsala

Dharamsala TTC Dates
3 April–30 April 2013
1 May - 29 May 2013
3 Jun - 30 June 2013

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Veet Jayo (Madhur Rajpal) was born in the Northern state of India, called Karnal in a Sanyasin family. In his childhood, he met many spiritual masters and learnt about yoga from them. He left his home after completing his graduation, in search of deeper spirituality and traveled all over India. He spent 7 years in Osho International in Pune learning various meditation techniques. Later Veet Jayo studied Ayurveda and became therapist in Re-Balancing Massage. Madhur has been practicing yoga for over 15 years and finished many Teacher Training Courses of Yoga and Ayurveda. After getting Yoga Teaching Certificate in 2007 in legendary Sivananda Ashram in Kerala he started teaching in India and Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Sweden and Norway). Veet Jayo is registered in Yoga Alliance International E-RYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher); He is teaching multi-style Hatha Yoga including Sivananda and Power Yoga. All of his sessions are amazing inner journeys with many pranayama techniques, meditation and relaxation. He travels around India extensively to spread the knowledge of Yoga and help people. He has his yoga centres in Arambol, Dharamshala and Rishikesh.

Ma Prem Sagar (Karolina Krawczyk) was born in Poland in 1982, since 2009 traveling around India, teaching Yoga and Meditation Techniques. Ma Prem Sagar has been practicing Yoga since 2001, studying under few masters and institutes including legendary Bihar School of Yoga in Munger. She is internationally recognized and certified Yoga Alliance RYT teaching Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga and Iyengar styles. Her specialty is unique Art and Dance Meditation Technique based on her over 10-years experience in the field of Theater & Performing Arts.

Ajay Sharma was born in Northern India, but for many years has been traveling around India and Europe. He was studying Arts and Human Relations at University of Poona. In 1996 he joined Osho Commune where he was learning meditation and breathing techniques. 7 years later he was continuing his spiritual journey living in Buddhist Community in Leh and Ladakh. He spent 1 year traveling intensively in Himalayas, spending the time with Sages, learning and meditating. Ajay was studying also Aurvedic Yoga Massage and became certified Ayurvedic Yoga Masseur in Kerala. Today he is teaching mostly meditation and breathing techniques. He specializes in Vipasana, Dynamic and Kundalini Meditation. In his teaching methodology he is inspired by Osho, J Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharishi. Ajay is a certified Yoga Ayurvedic Masseur and works with crystal healing and stone therapy. As Project and General Manager of the school Ajay is responsible for organization of all our events and courses.

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